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 Zamboanga Today
Zamboanga needs our help...

Calling all Chavacanos y Zamboanguenos and friends. What's happening in Zamboanga disturbs us and we want to help. Our monetary contribution is needed for the basic needs of the evacuees and the military men, especially those who are at the front line of this war. Generous donation will feed the hungry and the homeless and uplift the spirit of the military men fighting for peace in our city. 
All donations will and turnover to Ateneo De Za,mboanga

Fore more information please contact Anne Brussett (832-434-7437) or Lou Nazario (832-643-9047) for details.

Make check payable to Anne Brussett and mail to 3035 Kevin Lane, Houston Tx, 77043

If you want to get receipts for Tax Deduction purposes please make checks payable to:

Philippine Jesuit Foundation
Attention: Margaret Llamas
(From Chavacano De Houston group Intended for Zamboanga Disaster Relief)
PO Box 312
New York, NY

The Chavacano De Houston group will for ward all proceeds to Ateneo De Zamboanga, funds for disaster relief fund.